Lily’s déjà vu

Guillermo Celano on guitar, Ingrid Laubrock NY-UK-GE on tenor sax, Jasper Stadhouder on bass and Marcos Baggiani on drums.


Lily’s déjà vu’s new album is out!!!

“Live in PaRaDoX”

You can only get it Chorcho Records, or ask us and we’ll send it to you. It is our first Digital album, no CD, just a beautiful postcard with a download code.

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“The group plays with all the codes of modernity bypassing its cumbersome signifiers and they enjoy a freedom of tone that  one can nothing but praise: Their mix of rock/impro/jazz pleased the ears because of its substantial content and because they never loose the essence of the matter”
ImproJazz (France) – David Cristol – Sept 2014

“This release recorded in the pride of Tilburg, let us hear a band that has embody creativity as its foremost virtue. And as a fine bonus, here and there they burst, crack, shake everything up and then come all neatly together…It’s that balance of freedom, seeming randomness and an impressive solidity which makes this album such a challenge.
It allows you to hear in any case that Lily’s Déjà Vu is a band with its own character and style where the possibilities seem almost endless. To be continued. Hopefully.”

Guy Peters, 22.3.15 – Draaiomjeoren

….”This is how a “Delirium” sounds like.
The music of the quartet is recognisable in the name of the band, mysterious, dreamy and sometimes a bit uncomfortable. The music of the quartet could be use as a soundtrack on a thriller”.

Ben Taffijn, Draai om je oren, Live in Paradox. Woensdag 21 januari 2015, Tilburg


 Tour January 2015, exciting!!!

Sat 17 | JOE Festival, Essen – at 20.00 hs – DE

Sun 18 | Altes Pfanhaus, Köln – at 20.00 hs – DE

Wed 21 | Paradox,Tilburg – at 20.30 hs – NL

Thu 22 | El Negocito, Gent  –
BE (T.B.C.)

Fri 23 | Bimhuis, Amsterdam – at 20.30 hs – NL

Sat 24 | CUBA-Cultur, Münster – at 20.00 hs- DE

Sun 25 | Jazz in Serah, Zaandam – at 16.00 hs – NL


The band: Ingrid Laubrock on saxophones, Guillermo Celano on guitar, Jasper Stadhouders on bass and Marcos Baggiani on drums.

This international quartet brings about a world of images and colors inside the listener’s head.
The composed material steers clear of every imaginable musical cliché, and has an internal cohesion determined by dream logic. The improvisations that take off from here are always surprising, playful, inspired and witty.

Propelled by Marcos Baggiani’s supple but also powerful drumming, Guillermo Celano’s arousing guitar, the intense bass guitar Jasper Stadhouders (mainly known for his inimitable guitar playing) and the lyrical, explorative sax lines of the German-American rising star Ingrid Laubrock, Lily’s Déjà Vu’s music defies categorization.

The driving power of the band calls forth echoes of heavy rock, the supple swing is reminiscent of jazz, the instrumental explorations seem to refer to improvised music and the subtlety of the balanced group sound bears resemblance to that of a chamber music ensemble. These contrasts, sometimes taking shape within one song, continuously keep the musicians alert, and grab the listener’s full attention. Music from another ass.


Guillermo Celano ( Celano/Baggiani Group): Winner of the North sea Jazz Festival composition assingmet 2013!!!! Celano`s musical damage is among the highest crimes in the utopical musical world. Destroying and building up again all the structures, nothing follows into place…..“The aliens seem to have landed in the head of  Celano whom thankfully used their influence for he has created a new science. Let’s hope that this ‘new science’ will give us many more splendid albums “. Jazzenzo. Nederland, 13/1/2011

Ingrid Laubrock NY-UK-GE (o.a. John Edwards, Mark Sanders, Tom Raney, Dave liebman, Mary Halvorson): This musician hasn’t gone so much global as galactic….. the whole program in which she dazzles both with her brilliantly inventive playing and with the paradigm-shifting sonic vocabularies she is developing on the tenor and soprano. Deep, singular and utterly compellingAll about Jazz. Winnar van de BBC Jazz Award for Innovation

Jasper Stadhouder: Jasper is a guitarist / bassist based in Amsterdam.  He is an active member of the (inter)national improvised music scene.  He is a co-founder of the band Cactus Truck (with John Dikeman and Onno Govaert) and the Govaert/ De Joode/ Stadhouders Trio and works as a sideman in various groups (a.o. Spinifex Quintet), next to playing countless of ad hoc improv shows.  He’s played with Han Bennink, Ab Baars, Paal Nilssen-Love, Marshall Allen, Wolter Wierbos, Noel Redding, Ken Vandermark, Jim Black, Andrew D’Angelo, Terrie Ex, Andy Moor, Wilbert De Joode, Peter Evans, Peter Jacquemyn, Frank Rosaly, Dave Rempis, Michael Moore, Jeb Bishop and many more.  Jasper has performed extensively in Europe, as well as in the USA.

Marcos Baggiani: “Furthermore, Baggiani’s steady beats concentrated the material so that it balanced on a mesmerizing rhythmic undertow” K. Waxman -NYC Jazz Record– July 2011 (The Ambush Party at Moers Fest.)
Among other projects, he´s co-leading the Celano/Baggiani Group and playing with The Ambush party and the Royal Improvisers Orquestra; He has worked with great improvisers such us Ellery Eskelin, Michael Moore, Sylvie Courvoisier, John Edwards, Ernst Rijsiger, Luc Ex, Oren Marshall, Wolter Wiorbos, Achim Kaufmann, Han Bennink, Wilbert de Joode.
“Drummer Marcos B. is a fine mischief-maker whose surprising ideas often steer the music into unexpected new directions” T. Sprangers – Volkskrant – 9/3/2011


Jazzism, CD review. ****1/2

“The themes are pushing, encouraging the improvisation work.
The outcome is a fat and sneaky sound with great dynamic contrasts and a nice continuity in the solos… and, as they proved in the October tour, they have room for even more intensity.”

KenVos – Nov./Dec. 2013


“… over the course of seven pieces they shake things up a fair bit!
… In Europe the German-born Laubrock has been mining heavier
musics with the intriguingly named Lily’s Déjâ Vu.”

by Kurt Gottschalk, NY, USA.


Live in Victoria, Oslo  Photo: Francesco Saggio


The CD!!!!!!


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